Sunday, 2 December 2007

David Beckham Leaves New Zealand

Despite reports that Victoria Beckham had banned David Beckham from watching her first Spice Girls reunion show, it was further reported that he left New Zealand yesterday headed for Vancouver.

But before his departure, there was a party thrown in his honour. The party was held at the Century City Tower, ironically on Victoria Street.

Beckham caused a frenzy of flashing bulbs and screaming fans when he arrived, but was whisked inside.

Apparently, there were plenty of groupie's and glamour models desperate to get David's attention, but the married man ignored them all.

While he was in Wellington, he was spotted at various times. A website called Stuff set up "Beckham Watch" and encouraged people to send in their sightings.

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electra said...

He's got a bronchitis, that's why he had to leave earlier. His first show was supposed to be in San Jose.

Fashion Critic said...

I know his first show was meant to be San Jose, but it has been REPORTED he left for Vancouver.

electra said...

Yeah i know but he has a bronchitis, that's why he went to Vancouver as he's sick and he can't play.