Tuesday, 4 December 2007

When Lainey Met The Spice Girls

Lainey is a journalist who loves David and Victoria as much as I do....well almost.


".....You’d think that was the best part until David Beckham walked in. Snuck in. Not many people noticed at first, but after the last frame, Victoria made a beeline for him, almost skipping to him.

Beckham Porn in the flesh! At the risk of sounding crass, I.Lost.My.Shit.

She wrapped her arms around him, he pulled her in for a big hug, one hand on her ass. They pecked. And then somehow he ended up in a chair with her on his lap, whispering things. Hopefully dirty things. And his hand was on her thigh. And he was wearing ratty jeans and ratty boots and a white wrinkly shirt open at the collar and if I were her I would have sucked on his collar bone. Only she was called over for print media so he let her go but not before she kissed him again and then he stayed to watch, occasionally glancing over at his wife, all while showing some random bloke whatever he had on his blackberry.

Cutest – when the girls had to switch tables for their second round of interviews, David walked across the room, found another seat, and positioned himself from a better vantage point to watch his wife in action, leaning forward elbow on his knee, chin propped on his hand, an indecipherable smile playing on his lips.

When the second half of print interviews was over, the girls were once again called to the photo wall. Let me insert here that total print interviews and tv interviews could not have taken more than 15 minutes each. Max.

But wouldn’t you know it, the Gay Army reappeared, fluttering around the girls for more photos. Powdering, fussing, dusting, gushing… am now obsessed with the Gay Army. These are the things you live for, you know?

And then they were gone. Victoria joined David who was loitering by the door and the next time I saw him he was in a private box bopping to the music during the concert. Near the end, he was holding one of his sleepy boys and swaying back and forth. I hate her for having him. I love him for having her. I worship them for having each other."

You can read the whole story at Lainey Gossip.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky to have each other. I hate them but I love them at the same time.

And I LOVE the last line "I hate her for having him. I love him for having her. I worship them for having each other."

Sad face...