Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Spice Girls In Vancouver via You Tube

Enjoy....I get goosebumps just looking at these videos.

You must watch this last one of Victoria's "performance".


bri said...

awww...FC!! i was waiting to read what you thought about her little catwalk thing.

i personally thought it was pretty good. wished she'd sang but she looked damn good. it was funny. but it'll get tired if she just does this for the rest of the tour.

what happened to pics of becks at the show? seems like nobody's got ANY...weird.

Ljn.- said...


OMG! I cant' wait for them
to come to Buenos Aires! =)


vbspicefan said...

:( I was hoping that Victoria would sing a solo, even though the catwalk is great

Fashion Critic said...

bri...I was very disappointed to be honest. I was hoping she would sing, because she can sing. OK she is not the world's greatest singer, but for me this catwalk thing was a bit of a cop out.