Sunday, 2 December 2007

Victoria Beckham - The Rise & Fall

The News Of The World have done an article on Victoria's implants.

For those who are still not convinced she has had a reduction read this article.



Niki said...

Oh yes, she has had a reduction

brit said...

yup def a reduction, looks so much better, but shes ob insecure bless her bout what people have been saying

Camerynn said...

LOL, she did NOT have a reduction. She's just not wearing a bra with a halter top style dress. They make every woman's boobs look droopy, trust me. I mean look at the under-part of her boobs, they're still really defined... she did not take out her implants. When you're wearing tank tops and tube tops, your boobs will look bigger because they push them up. And yes, there are AMAZING things out right now that can do AMAZING things for your cleavage.

Fashion Critic said...

Camerynn...are you joking? You must be joking.

This whole summer Victoria not wear a bra and her breast were still looking like two melons.

She has definitely had a reduction.