Saturday, 8 December 2007

I Ask Again...Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant?

After Liz' comment on the Victoria's gold outfit I decided to take a closer look.

Exhibit A above.

Now there is one of two scenario's here:

1. She is pregnant (please let it be)

2. She has to eat more whilst on tour to keep up her strength, hence a slight bump.

I am praying for 1.

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Janie said...

WOW thats a baby bump alright!

Anonymous said...

YES! YES! She is!
*hope so*

Camerynn said...

I totally think she's pregnant. It could be bloat, but usually when someone's bloated you're face looks chubbier and hers doesn't. AHHH I hope she's pregnant!

scilla said...

I don't think she is, she's probably just bloated, eating more or the corset fit.

Anonymous said...

if shes preggers it also makes sense as to her dying her hair brown

tara7 said...

well, she looks like she was drinking at mel c's concert, and if she was pregnant she certainly shouldnt be drinking, but she might have been drinking something non alcoholic!

kinha said...

I hope so!
It would be twins!!

Sylv =] said...

God, a celebrity puts on a bit of weight ahn u imediatly decide she'd pregnant!! :O
Ok, she might be, but there's no reason to start a topic forum on it! :O :O :O
Excitin if she is tho! =]

Rachel M said...

OMG! She is preggers! Its so awesome and it rules another beckam in the world sweet