Monday, 17 December 2007

Is Victoria Beckham Getting Special Treatment?

According to reports Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton are a bit peeved as they believe Victoria is getting special treatment.

Apparently every time Victoria Beckham took to the microphone the crowd in the O2 Arena burst into insane applause, despite the fact she didn't have very many lines to sing.

It reported that Victoria's microphone was turned down lower than the rest of the girls' and every time she tried to speak to the crowd nobody could hear what she had to say. These are just reports, so if anyone went, please can you confirm if this is true.

During the encore Victoria did not wear her cape with her hood up, as was part of the ensemble, preserving her perfectly groomed hair which is also said to infuriate her band mates.

The press always seem to whip up these stories, but I sense some element of truth. I think this tours success is because people are curious to see Victoria in action. She has kept herself in the spotlight throughout the nine years they were no longer a band, so therefore has the highest profile, so therefore she will naturally get the loudest applause. I personally would not have gone to the concert if Victoria was not a part of it.



buddy said...

hey FC,
i read in that david had appeared on a chinese tv show which aired this saturday(15).
could you please find out if there's a video of this??

Amy Tillery said...

I don't think the hoodie thing is something to write about personaly. Her hair is very much a no mess thing as for the other girls, they have hair styles that are a little more go with the flow. Plus the set up of the way the girls came out seems to show it is set up for it. People would love to turn these ladies on each other. But they are adults, who cares who your going to see they all get the pay, RIGHT?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if the report is true, I sure do hope the other girls stop feeling envious. They all know how popular the Beckhams are and I reckon, most of the fans must be Victoria's fan. That's the thing with the fans; they support their favorite celebrity no matter what. They all should have known that. And regarding the hood thing, I think it doesn't matter if she didn't wear it because, well, we call her posh spice, are we not?

I remember reading an extract from Victoria's book and from the looks of it, it seems that Geri's withdrawal from the group is due to her envious of the other four (from my reckoning of the extract by Victoria). I really do hope the negative feelings inside of them won't be an issue anymore. They're all mature. I sure do hope that these all was just bad rumor coming from anti-Victoria.

I've seen the video of the latest tour and Victoria still has a great voice (sexy voice at that which I happen to like very much in a singer):P As do the other girls... erm... women... I can't stop calling them girls

Lilflowa said...

ugh frikkin daily mail! i knew they would turn posh getting applause and positive energy from the audience and spin into something negative! i Mean what's their evidence loud cheers? yeah because she planned that so ofcourse thats special treatment *rolleyes* and because she didnt have her hood up? oh GIVE ME OR SHOULD I SAY HER A BREAK!

She will NEVER catch a frikkin break!!!

Jana said...

i sincerely hope the envy rumour is not true because I don't think there needs to be any more problems. I just want them to finish the tour happily and the best that they can. But honestly, it is true that I am most excited about seeing Victoria. She is the most famous one and I think because of her more fans will come so the other girls shouldn't be jealous if it means more concertgoers.

bri said...

the daily mail either angers me or makes me laugh. it's ridiculous what they pass off as "journalism". unless victoria's been keeping the other girls locked up in her cellar the past couple years i'm sure they have an idea of how famous she's gotten so why would they be surprised? as for the hood, she hasn't worn it since the beginning of the tour. it wouldn't fit her persona if she did...posh mess up her hair? blasphemy. would never happen.
victoria's put up with a lot of crap from the media for the past 8 or so years. i say the cheers are well deserved and will do her some good, confidence-wise. daily mail needs to step off and get some journalistic integrity. look at the "empty vegas concert" debacle that spread like wildfire. complete disgrace. and utter bullshit.
agh...i keep telling myself i won't go on and on but i haven't mastered the skill of short posts yet. sorry!! and if i haven't told you yet, i love your site FC. great work + much appreciated <3

enchantress said...

the burst of applause everytime victoria sang a solo line or everytime she was on the large screen is true...i went last sunday and the cheers for her were always the loudest (even i cheered for her especially)...but thats what fans do. they cheer for who they like.
and it may be true that her mic was turned down lower cos it was usually hard to catch what she was saying but it may be the fact that she wasn't shouting like the others too.
i read she also wore the highest heels as well.
anyways...they shouldnt be jealous of her (if it was true) since im sure she's the main reason the show is such a success since a lot of the crowd loves her!
there was a second when the large screen zoomed in on david beckham and her sons...but it went by SO FAST i couldnt take a second look.
that was during the song 'mama' i think.
anyways...we still love victoria!

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Bri, I am glad you are loving what I am doing x

Fashion Critic said...

enchantress, you so right.

I can't wait to go on the 12 Jan. Seems like ages, but it will be here in no time

enchantress said...

yea i dont think i've mentioned this before either...but i so love this site!! thanks FC!
its like one of my daily stops...i check it as often as my email nowadays!...(and i check my email veryy often)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the relevance of turning down her mic, how is that giving her special treatment?

faffy said...

ahh..but vick's not afraid of messing up her hair..look at this vid..

at the end she just messes with her hair