Saturday, 8 December 2007

Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant?

I am not saying she is, I am just asking the question. This is not the first time recently that there has been suspicions.

One of the "rules" of the Spice Girls reunion, as laid down by Simon Fuller was that the girls were NOT allowed to get pregnant.

Then this video appeared on You Tube today and suspicions have grown greater.

At the 1.45 point, Geri sings "Easy V doesn't come for free....." Then it is believed Geri then says "...she is pregnant..." pointing to Victoria's stomach.

I have watched it a few times now, and although Mel sings over Geri I am sure that is what Geri is saying. When Victoria was pregnant with Brooklyn apparently this is the way Geri announced it to the world.

I hope she is and I PRAY it is a girl.

Below are some backstage pictures from the tour.

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Liz said...

Wow .. it does seem to me that Geri does seem to say that victoria is pregnant. Also in some of her costumes Vicky seems to have a little belly bulge (especially in the gold number). Normally victoria doesn't have any spare fat on her, so at first I thought maybe those rumors of her trying to gain a little weight for the tour were true. But the other day (at MEL C's mint concert) she was pictured drinking what seemed to be champagne, so I thought all the rumors were wrong. Now I don't know. If she is I can't wait for another little beckham. That pair seem to always have beautiful babies. Hopefully it's a girl

Mer said...

I would love to hear that she is pregnant. However, there are pictures of her drinking at Mel C's club show. I know she and David wouldn't be so irresponsible.

p.s I really love this site! I stumbled upon it the other day and its become one of my daily stops. Great job!

Ljn.- said...


Geri definetely says "she's
pregnant!" OMG! can you imagine if
she actually is! =) Hope it's a girl too!


kinha said...

Geri sing: "she's a real lady", and mel sing "and as for me, ha you'll see"
That's it...Bu it wourld be amazing if she's pregnant

Ahlia said...

i don't think she is pregnant.
in this clip geri says, "coz she is victoria beckham".i'll post the link

it would be nice if she was though.

jd said...

oh i do hope she is and to be a girl that would be so cool and cute. can y'all imagine her little girl dressed like her. ohhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

She COULD be saying "'cause she's Mrs. Beckham"?

Amy Tillery said...

It sounds like she said "she's my idol" not "pregnant." The girl is never going to make anyone happy. She's either too skinny or pregnant. One of the rules were to not get pregnant and that she had to gain weight because of the tour. So what if she is prego! We'll know for sure soon, she can't keep to herself past 9 months :)!!!

Colleen said...

haha i just noticed that the lady behind VB in the first pic is wearing a shirt that says "POSH" hahaha too funny!