Sunday, 16 December 2007

Victoria Beckham's Full Elle US Magazine Shoot

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I am alone in being very disappointed?

I could have given my 9 year old cousin the paparazzi pictures and he would have done the same job of making a collage.

Not the high fashion spread I was expecting, especially as they had Gilles Bensimon and Nina Garcia at the helm of this shoot.




Allysia-May said...

You're not alone FC. Only the cover picture and the second one are woth looking at. I thought there was a picture of her wearing a red-orangey dress that looked pretty classic?

Anonymous said...

That is hideous! Very confusing...where are all those gorgeous shots she took in the black dress late at night? Very dissapointing, indeed!

Posh 2.0 said...

I am very disappointed too! When I saw the pictures of this on TV I thought they put it together like that so as not to show the magazine before it came out.

I was waiting for full page beautiful pictures, like the cover. Not this.

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing but the way they did the whole thing looks like crap. sorry for the language but yeah i agree with you. my 5 year old niece could do a better job.

electra said...

It looked like it would be her best photoshoot, but it turned out to be her worst.

I hate Elle for ruining all the pictures, i would be happier if they published only 5 pictures, but on full pages, and not this collage (they even have some paparazzi shots, awfull montage).

I only like the cover.

I'm sure Victoria isn't too happy about it either.

Dustin Van der Merwe DeWitt Bukater said...

I also, am very, very disappointed in this. I can get what they were trying to do, but in the average consumer's opinion, it unfortunately looks like absolute crap.

Janie said...


Ljn.- said...


hideous collage! tnhk God we got to see the full pictures because you had shown them before this massacre!:P

Amy Tillery said...

No your not alone. The first two pictures are really good, but the rest of them look like someone went through all the proofs and just cut and pasted them to a magazine page.