Tuesday, 4 December 2007

David Beckham Flys To Vancouver With A Broken Rib

David Beckham took a 16-hour flight to be with Victoria for the first night of the Spice Girls reunion despite having a broken rib.

David flew in from New Zealand after busting the bone during a friendly against Sydney.

The LA Galaxy star and ex-England skipper took diamond necklaces as good luck gifts for all five bandmates.

He said: “This is all about Victoria and the girls. She has worked so hard.”

He added: "I could hardly run or breathe in New Zealand. It’s the fifth rib I’ve broken recently."

"It’s a sore one. It’s great to be here though — like old times."
David and Victoria looked loved up after three weeks apart.

The girls joked that David was their official snapper after he bought himself a paparazzi-style camera.

Geri Halliwell said: "The first time David came to see us he was all over Victoria. He’s still exactly the same. He didn’t just marry Victoria — he married all five of us."

He is such as sweetheart. I ♥ him.



muchlove said...

awww, how sweet. Nice to know how some things never change.
would be cool to see the pics he takes with his "paparazzi" camera, hehe...

Sara said...

i want a husband like himmm!! ♥