Monday, 2 March 2009

The Beckhams Send Their Support To Terminally Ill Jade Goody

Victoria and David Beckham have sent a message of sympathy to reality TV star Jade Goody, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February.

The letter, handwritten by Victoria, offers condolences to the former Big Brother star. The couple also sent Goody two replica shirts from England soccer ace David's current club AC Milan, for her two sons, Bobby, five and Freddie, four.

The letter reads, "Both David and I are genuinely moved by your fight against this cruel illness. We are both thinking of you at what must be a terrible time."

"We wanted to offer your two lovely children a gift we hope they will both like. We know they are mad keen football fans so we have sent two AC Milan kits."

Jade was said to be so touched that David and Victoria said such kind words to her. She was very happy that they had taken the time to write and think of her boys.

It genuinely gave her a boost. Her boys think David is brilliant.

What a read nice thing to do. I'm glad it gave Jade a boost, her story is so tragic, especially as she will leave 2 boys behind.


brit said...

genuinely lovely gesture. nice to hear.

silvy and tricia said...

GREAT DAVID and VICKY !!!!!!!!!!!