Wednesday, 4 March 2009

AC Milan To Play Al Sadd Tonight

David Beckham and AC Milan landed at Doha International airport, Doha, Qatar yesterday.

As soon as they landed the team got to work with practice session at the Al Saad stadium, Doha.

David said "I am happy to be here with Milan and I reiterate that I would like to stay a Rossonero. I am enjoying myself, I have extraordinary team mates, I play in one of the strongest teams in the world and I am coached by one best coaches in the world."

The friendly against Al Sadd takes place tonight.

Does anyone else find it strange that AC Milan play so many friendly games mid-season?

They don't do that in the Premiership.

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Mak said...

I think since Milan ia out from UEFA and has no Cup games just liga + Galliani needs some money...

Vlada said...

I think the number of friendlies is odd too. All this traveling and extra games isn't helping their form.

Anonymous said...

I thought the number of friendlies was crazy too, especially the one in Scotland. The guys have looked exhausted since then. With the friendlies added in they've been playing two games a week with the same core squad -- Becks included. At first I thought it was because David is such a draw, but I read in one of the comments on the acmilan offside web-site that they did something similar last year to make money and that it took a toll on the players then as well.

Not smart, and the boys certainly don't have the smiling faces we like to see at practice. I feel bad for them.

Perfectio said...

AC Milan won 1-2 for those who care about the result.

Pato and Antonini were the goalscorers for Milan.

I don't know how David played and how many minutes he played, but he played... I saw him in the 2nd goal video.

Sara said...

I also find it weird that they play so many friendlies during the season especially when we look at their latest results in Serie A.