Monday, 2 March 2009

The Beckham, AC Milan, LA Galaxy Saga Continues

David Beckham could stay at AC Milan until the end of the season and then return to LA Galaxy for the remainder of the MLS campaign.

Sky Sports News' chief news reporter Bryan Swanson understands a 'timeshare' agreement is one of several proposals being discussed between all parties this week.

Beckham is already registered to play in Italy until 30th June and can leave LA Galaxy at the end of the current MLS season, in October, as part of a clause in his contract.

Negotiations are continuing this week and sources in Italy say Milan may struggle to afford Beckham for a transfer fee in excess of £10million, which is another option under negotiation.

Galaxy insist Beckham will return to LA on 9th March but the England international has publicly declared his intention to remain at Milan beyond his current loan agreement.

David will travel with the Milan squad to Doha, Qatar, for a friendly on Wednesday night.

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Chikako said...

David will stay in Milan until May 31. it was on a news at LA's local news station. Probably he'll leave LA for good after October. I've noticed LA Galaxy dropped photos of David from their website. : (

David must be happy with his extended stay in Milian. Now I'm interested in to see how Galaxy explains the whole situation to their fans. Also I'm wondering how many fans will wear Beckham jersey to their first game.