Saturday, 28 March 2009

Victoria Beckham Supports David On His Historic Night

Victoria Beckham, Sandra Beckham and boys were in Wembley Stadium to see David reach his 109th cap milestone.

Wearing a black blazer and jeans, Victoria looked very chic.

She was carrying 2 Man United red devils mascots. I wonder if they were for luck.


nisha said...

thats so sweet what a supportive wife.if they were for luck they definately worked.she must be so proud of david.thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Why was is Dad not there? I thought they get over their fall out?

Btw I'm so proud David had reached his 109th Cap. But I had not the chance to see it : - (


Meg said...

David said that his entire family was at the match so his dad was there just not pictured.

I heard there was a cute shot of Vic screaming for the kids to come see David get on the pitch. I hope a video surfaces.