Friday, 13 March 2009

David Beckham Blogs About The AC Milan & LA Galaxy Deal

Well, by now you’ll probably know that I’ll be staying with Milan until July, then heading back to play for the Galaxy until the end of the MLS season.

I'm really grateful to the LA Galaxy and AC Milan for making this happen. I want to help Milan to reach the Champions League as a club with its history should be there every season. As for the LA Galaxy, we have to improve on last season and try to make the play-offs then who knows.

One of the reasons for staying at Milan is to give me the chance to play in the 2010 World Cup. I have to do everything I can do to be involved in that. Everyone knows how passionate I am about playing for my country and, if it gives me a better chance, I'll do anything possible to make that happen.

Right now, I’m delighted at how things have turned out and I’ll be giving my all to both Milan and the Galaxy over the coming year.

On the pitch, we secured a good win at the weekend over Atalanta. Inzaghi got a hat-trick and the team performed reasonably well. Obviously, we’re still a way behind Juve and Inter, but if we can turn in results like that every week, we’ve still a chance. Unfortunately, I picked up an ankle injury in training on Tuesday, it's responding well to treatment though and I'm hopeful I can play a part on Sunday.

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