Tuesday, 3 March 2009

David Beckham To STAY At AC Milan Until 31 May

David Beckham was due to report to LA Galaxy on March 9, but he will now remain with AC Milan until the Italian season ends on May 31, the LA Times reports.

David's first appearance of the season with the Galaxy would be on July 18 in New York. Beckham would remain under contract with the Galaxy until the end of this calendar year, when his buyout clause takes effect. He then would be free to return to AC Milan.

Financial terms of the proposal are unknown, but the Galaxy earlier had asked $10 million from AC Milan for the outright purchase of Beckham. Milan had said it would pay no more than $3 million, since he could become available anyway after the MLS season.

Chikako has informed me that this has been announced on LA's local news stations, and Chikako, has also noticed LA Galaxy dropped photos of David from their website.

I think it is now impossible to return mid-season. The fans will be furious.


Lo said...

I can't see that happening, as if he will go back for 3 months.

Julie said...

I am soooo happy for him. I hope he is back for the game against the NJ Red Bulls 7/18 as I have bought my tickets already.
This is going to be great for his game. Better players to play against can only sharpen his game. Not that the US players are bad because they are not. It is just the reality is the European players ARE better to practice and play against.

Cleopatra said...

sports fans carry big grudges, will be very hard for him to feel at home in LA now, whether in terms of his fellow players or the fan base. they better start looking for a house in milan.

caligirl said...

I want to comment, but I don't have anything nice to say right now, so I think I should just keep quiet.

Elise said...

I just want to tell you that Heidi Klum wore a dress from Victoria's collection

Ivanna said...

If this is 100% confirmed then Im super happy for David, we all know his intensions were not to disappoint the fans, true fans of his and of the game (like myself) would want him to remain with Milan, so he could play at the top of his league, which so cleary isnt the Galaxy, at the end of their last season, David was practically carrying the team on his back. DVB, have you seen the pics of David at the Armani show, looking all sorts of gorgeous, love the hair.

Anonymous said...

I really want tickets for the NY game... but I'm not 100% sure he will even be there now - I think he's just gonna stay at Milan from now on. I might just buy them anyways... there's always EBay.

Raquel said...

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