Sunday, 15 March 2009

Victoria Beckham Lands Back In LA

After I hope was a successful trip, Victoria Beckham landed back in LA last night.

Whilst in London I wonder is Victoria picked up a copy of Tatler magazine. In the magazine she will be happy to know that she was named one of the Best Dressed Women of 2009, but she will be shocked - like I was - to see that Cheryl Cole was voted number 1.


Jo said...

I don't rate Tatler anyway, I think it's celebrity fodder loving and publicity seeking in the guise that it's a "high society magazine." Cheryl Cole is an easy choice, typical bandwagon jumping, and certainly does not fit the traditional Tatler mould. Further proof that it's no longer a high society magazine, when some jumped up Geordie chav with a stylist and increasing column inches gets named 'best dressed.'

DVB said...


*claps loudly*

Janie said...

Who voted? A bunch of 12 year old chavs?

ericalouise2009 said...

her coat looks like a shorter version of the one she wore in italy with the snow on the ground
do you know if she cut it up ?

krayolakolorz said...

Can anyone tell me what sunglasses she is wearing? I know these arnt her own design because if you look upclose they have a white backing on the inside. DVB does not have this. Some sites are saying they are DVB#6 but clearly (someone who is familiar with her line) these are not her own. Please let me know! I adore these sunglasses!