Sunday, 8 March 2009

VIDEO: David Beckham Talks About Staying At Milan

Here is a report which states that David Beckham will become an owner of an MLS franchise, once his playing days are over.

In this report David talks about how happy he is to stay in Milan, and his AC Milan manager, Carlo Ancelotti, talks about how happy he is that David Beckham is staying at the club until the end of the season.


Meg said...

I really don't understand him going back to the Galaxy mid-season and the friendly. I doubt the fans and players are happy about it.

IMO they should have had a clean break instead of him and LA trying to safe face that he didn't abandon the MLS and the team.

Though I'm glad this mess is decided for the time being.

Sara said...

I think it will be tough for him to go back to the Galaxy in July. He's said so himself. The deal was agreed on by the execs and David but I don't think this will be a positive thing on the pitch.

There have always been whispers that the locker room wasn't open and cordial because of the difference in attention and salary, I don't think that will change when he goes back mid season.

DVB said...

I agree, any hidden dislike is more likely to come to the forefront now.

Like Meg, I am just glad it's finally over. For now.