Sunday, 15 March 2009

News Of The World Tries To Expose Victoria Beckham

The British press have never been kind to Victoria Beckham, so much so that she banned some of them from her first collection viewing in New York.

The News Of The World is one of those newspapers who has nothing nice to say about her.

Of all the stunning pictures of Victoria in her pink Antonio Berardi dress, the above picture is the one they use for their main picture.

They said "Here’s a sticky moment for Victoria Beckham as she makes a rare fashion boob while hanging out in London."

"The frock star’s bright pink outfit revealed more than she intended — including the skin-coloured “tit tape” keeping everything in place."

So what I say. Women use tit tape all the time.

I read some of the comments under their post, and I was happy to read that a lot of readers had Victoria's back.

Here are some of the supportive comments:

"Leave her alone.A bit of tape exposed by a 200m lens.Get over it bitches."

"Reading some of the spiteful comments on here makes me laugh. You girls are soooo jealous. I bet you were the school bullies when you were at school. Get over yourselves, you nasty cow's! She may have faults but at least she can look in the mirror and not see a green face!"

"I think that color looks fantastic on her, I really like it. And who cares about the tape! I've worn outfits before where a little tape was needed and if people saw it they certainly didn't fuss about it. Just goes to show you people have nothing better to do than pick on her. If I was pictured like that, no one would say two words."

Happy to read the UK public have got Victoria's back.


Linda said...

At least it shows to people that she hasn't got generic big boobs stuck to her chest, in actual fact they sag quite low when she doesn't have support bra/tit tape. If she didn't have that support on her boobs would be lower by about 45degrees.

Rock*Star said...

It dsnt even look bad!
Its not like its too obvious. It matches her skin tone perfectly.

I dnt understand why ppl in the UK hate her so much! They should be proud of having a fashion icon, and a designer like her.

She's a role-model. And she spreads a good image of her country.

SHAME ON THE BRIT PRESS for making her look bad. They should do the exact opposite :(

I hope my comment wasnt offensive to anyone. It just annoys me that the UK press (particaly) dnt support her.

I'm just glad that she's graceful enough to ignore those jealous pity-full haters.

KK said... couldn't have said it any better

Freida fan said...

and this is a big deal to them?? im pretty sure its better than having ure boobs pop out of the dress. i use tape occasionally too and its the best thing for some outfits.
the press will pick at anything its sad.


Nana said...

It's just TAPE. Goodness gracious. She's human like anyone of us and just because she doesn't smile much people have to go and make their own assumptions.I see pictures of her jetting around the world just to maintain a balance between her boys and her husband,and I am very proud that she's making that effort. She looks great, has her own proper line of clothes, what's so wrong?

I seriously don't get it. People are just so mean, all the time.

Anonymous said...

They'd blast her if her boob was hanging out without tape and they blast her if she does have tape and she's trying to not have any malfunctions. Ridiculous! She always looks classy and I've never once seen her flash any unmentionables to the cameras so they should leave her alone!

Janie said...

Its not "people" in the UK who hate her @ Rockstar honey,its just the gutter press and assorted paps, (they are barely human after all.) Many many people love both Victoria and David and continue to do so even though they have left our shores to live else where. And who can blame them with such negativity surrounding them.