Friday, 6 March 2009

AC Milan & LA Galaxy Agree A Deal To Share David Beckham

An agreement has been reached for David Beckham to remain with AC Milan until the end of the Serie A season - May 31 -, before returning to LA Galaxy until the end of October.

He will then return to Milan in November at the end of the American season in order to play a second year in Italy.

Reports suggest Beckham has agreed a salary cut and has partially funded the move himself in order to stay with Milan.


Elise said...

I don't know if you saw it, but model Selita Ebanks wore a Victoria Beckham's dress.

I love it

brit said...

aww this is brilliant, so glad they came to this agreement, i think it's a fair one, yay! Congrats David, i hope that he is pleased with the outcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that he could stay until the end of the season. But it is strange to share a player. And on some point he needs a break...

Hope Capello is pleased with this arrangement.


Chikako said...

I'm happy for David. I don't think David can do much for Galaxy at that point, though. Aren't there some World Cup qualifiers between June and October? I'm thinking David would join England team (yay!) and miss some MLS games. I'm hoping I get to see him play at the Home Depot Center one more time before he's leaving LA for good.