Thursday, 5 March 2009

Victoria Beckham Hires Skatelab For Brooklyn's 10th Birthday Party

Brooklyn Beckham had the whole Skatelab party room, hired out for his 10th birthday party, to allow him, his brothers and friend to skate with their friends in peace.

Birthday boy Brooklyn would have enjoyed a mini outdoor half pipe, a goodie bag for his friends which included Gwen Stefani's son Kingston, an arcade, free t-shirts and a personal instructor.

Those pizzas are the biggest I have ever seen.


ayuni said...

is victoria doing her signature post? haha. i love her boys. they are very good looking

DVB said...

HA, yes she is doing her signature pose. Love it.

melissa said...

those big pizzas are not unusual for north america.. we order them all the time and i live in canada