Friday, 6 March 2009

Victoria Beckham Lands In Milan

Victoria Beckham landed in Milan earlier today, still wearing her stunning all grey ensemble.

Milan Fashion Week is over, so I am not sure what sightings we will see of Victoria over the coming days.

She is no doubt in Milan to support her husband, and maybe look for a new home, as from November, it looks like Milan will be their permanent home.

As much as I am happy for David to be staying at AC Milan, I am really sad for Victoria to leave LA, as this is where she was happiest.

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yvonne said...

Do you think the whole family will move to Milan? I thought he will go back to LA in July 2010.

Rock*Star said...

Look at the bright side FC. She has friends in Milan. And all of her previous visits in the city, she seemed pretty happy.

I think she'll be OK there. And am sure she'll pay some visits to LA for ocassions and such :)

Ernie said...

David is being pretty selfish with the move. Given it's not a long-term deal, merely months, I bet Victoria and the boys aren't moving. I just hope it doesn't put a strain in their marriage, given the press would be overloaded with stories during their time apart.

Anonymous said...

Even when the press is not talking about their marriage, some fans seems to have an obsessive desperation to find something from somewhere or feel the need to talk about stories or non-stories.

David was a footballer before he met Victoria. I think that he has been left isolated and alienated by his suipport groups in the football world... and it seems elsewhere. By ending his career at a big club, he is honouring and fulfilling his responsibility to his talent and his passion.
Just because he married a pop star does not mean that he deserves to be subject to an enormous amount of scrutinuy by her fans who feed and support the tabloids and perpetuate the negativity by constantly speculating about his personal life.

For the record, even when David played for Manchester United, Brooklyn was attending a school in London, where he and Romeo were born. From the outset,they have never really lived like a normal family because someone chose not to do so.....maybe someone was selfish then?

Perhaps if they had lived completely normal family life, David would never have had to leave Man United as that constant commute to London to see his family (which the press had fun with )helped to create a strain in his relationship with Alex Ferguson and ultimately his football career suffered.

If you want to support Victoria stop trying to drag down her husband with the constant tabloid gossip about her family life. Focus on her career.... that must be more interesting.

jet. said...

as im not familiar with celebrities arriving into airports and i dont do much air travel myself, i always wonder where all her luggage is when shes off walking through and getting papped?

DVB said...

Anon, I don't like to publish anonymous comments as they tend to be childish ramblings, but on this occasion you make a lot of sense.

As fans who care about their well-being - some more for Victoria, some more for David - it is only natural for us to speculate.

It has nothing to do with obsession or desperation, we as fans care.

It's clear she is VERY happy in LA, she was not as happy in Manchester, nor Madrid.

So as a fan, I am naturally thinking how another move will effect her and the boys.

Manchester to London is not the same as Milan to LA. We are taking timeszones and a much longer travel time.

David has missed two of his boys birthday's because of the distance.

Of course we are interested in her career, but her well-being also.

Thanks for your comments