Sunday, 22 March 2009

Suri Cruise & The Beckham Boys Play Date

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes met for dinner recently. I looks like she might have been securing a play date between her boys and Suri Cruise.

With their nanny, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham were spotted leaving The Children’s Art Center in Brentwood, CA after a fun filled afternoon play date today, with Suri and Katie.

I love it when celebrity kids play nice :)

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flakes said...

Does that mean victoria and katie are still friends? i hope it does

Hermine said...

Is it just me who thinks Suri's outfit isn't age appropriate? It just seems like Katie is trying to age Suri with her outfits just like she's doing to herself...I'm guessing this means Posh and Katie actually had dinner together?

Caroline said...

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Vlada said...

Suri's such a cute child and I can't believe Romeo has an iPhone at 6.

I've read that Vic was at one of Brooklyn's soccer tournaments but the agencies removed the pics because of the other children and they were on school grounds.