Friday, 27 March 2009

Who Wore It Better? Kelly Ripa or Debi Mazar

Wow, who thought I would be doing a Who Wore It Better? on the Lombez dress so soon.

As we know Kelly Ripa wore Victoria's dress yesterday morning to film a commercial in New York.

Actress Debi Mazar wore the same dress with leather gloves - very Victoria - to the Launch Party for LATISSE in LA last night.

As khyrull said this dress is ideal for blondes. Kelly really glows in this dress, so she wins for me.

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Janie said...

They both look great as this is a super flattering frock anyone can look good in, which I believe is what Victoria was hoping for with her collections.

Karo said...,,20268164,00.html?xid=thisjustin-peopleRecirc

InStyle agrees!