Monday, 2 March 2009

The Beckham Boys Go Sky Diving

Victoria Beckham took her three boys to iFly Hollywood on Saturday, which is an indoor skydiving/vertical wind tunnel-type thing at Universal Studios CityWalk.

If it were you or I, we would takes 3 boys out in flip flops, or sneakers. Not our Victoria. Instead she went in 6in heels, and my favourite Minerve dress from her collection, which has been modified.

I love everything about the look, but I wish we would get to see more of her hair without the Dolce & Gabbana hair band, maybe she is growing it out, it's so hard to tell.

The trip was said to be an early treat for Brooklyn, who turns 10 this week.

Thanks Kadeam & Ahlia.

Oh...And I am sure you have guess by now, that Victoria is not going to Milan Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli have shown their collection.

Those of you who argued that she would not go, were right. I just wish you weren't. She would have been so fabulous in the front row causing a riot.

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Nicole said...

I still think she dosn't look As happy.... something has to be up and going on. I am gring so tierd of the head bands as well, when I usually wear a head band its because my hair is bothering me or My bangs have growen in, I don't think she that comfortable with this hair style. In the 8th picture her shoes look to big for her, mabye thats her secret but when i try on shoes that arn't my size it drives me crazy. I wish we would get to see her in a happier state esp when she is with the boys, seems like we never get to see her with David because hes away. I love candis of the two of the. Mabye thats why the could be planning such a elaborate wedding anniversary party, all the time apart, can grow hard.

Ivanna said...

I think she looks great here, I love the modified dress, I much prefer that dress this way.

I love the picture of her crouching down holding Romeo, she's such a good hands on mum that it's beautiful.

DVB, I'm with you I sincerely wish she would have gone to Fashion week, for the sake of a few fabulous ensembles, I wonder now that shes a full on designer if she'll be attending less of other desinger shows. I hope not, we are seeing less and less of her as of late!

enchantress said...

she is amazing. i know how hard it is to crouch down when you're wearing high heels because its so hard to get back up! (as in the pic with her and romeo)
obviously my legs are not as strong as her's.

5 inch heels feel like pure torture after just a few hours. i wish i knew how she walks in 6 inch heels for so long. i really need some tips. or is it just pure tolerance to pain?
if i could talk to her that would be one of my questions: how to look fabulous for so long in high heels.

Rock*Star said...

Damn. I want her feet !

I agree with u about the head band. Although it looks so darn CUTE on her.

Janie said...

I know I shouldn't say it but the fact these shoes are so high and put your feet at such a strange angle actually is very erotic. There is a fetish for shoes and feet and easpecially sheoes worn in this way. It is painful and requires disipline. Victoria is obviously well practised in this particular fetish. Dissagree all you like but take it from me this is a fact! David is a lucky man, no-one should believe he plays away as this sort of thing is a signal to your partner that you totally give in to them and their wishes, making Victoria the submissive one Not David. te he

Chikako said...

I think Victoria looks very pretty as usual.
I'm very surprised that they went to the City Walk on Saturday, but I'm also happy to know that they are just like regular people! Only disappointment for me is I was there on Tuesday not Saturday. I missed a chance to run into them.

kpiekkola said...

My son's birthday party group was the group before Victoria's. My friend saw her, but didn't recognize her. She asked me "Who on earth would come to Universal City Walk in shoes like that?" I looked over saw the shoes and as I panned up and saw who it was I answered "Posh Spice". I think she heard me and didn't appreciate the "Posh" remark, but it just came out... no disrespect. I was happy to notice that she shifted her weight often and went back to the party room and sat down... see celebrities don't have magic feet, their feet hurt too. I was also hoping she's suit up for a flight... that picture would have paid for all my expenses that day.

Даша said...

Great photos! But it's not for the first time that I think Victoria's shoes are too big for her. How does she manage to walk safely?!

DVB said...

I wonder how she does it as well.

The trouble with larger shoes is that you have to concentrate hard to keep the shoes on your feet without them flopping off.

DVB said...

kpiekkola thanks for sharing your story.

It's always interesting hear what people see first hand.

I am not surprised about her being peeved at the Posh comment. She seems to hate that these days, because it ties her to her Spice Girl days which she distants herself from.

DVB said...

How very kinky Janie ;)

tara said...

Her feet look gross! I love her, but she is doing herself no favors in the fact that when she is older her whole posture is going to be screwed up! She could so get away with some Lanvin ballet flats or even smaller heels - not 6 inches! x

caligirl said...

LOL, I guess that why she doesn't smile too often, she's too busy concentrating and praying to not fall out of her shoes!!