Sunday, 31 August 2008

Galaxy Draw As Donovan Scores Twice

The LA Galaxy drew last night, ending their losing streak.

Landon Donovan scored two goals for the LA Galaxy, in what for him another impressive night.

The goals put him at 16th for the season, so that makes 80th of his career.

This was David Beckham's first time playing New England, as he was injured last time the two teams played.

In other news Fabio Capello names his England squad today and there have been calls for David Beckham to be dropped.

Capello says he will assess Beckham's busy cross-Atlantic schedule with LA Galaxy and fitness before deciding on his involvement against Andorra and Croatia.

"No one is untouchable. Not Beckham, the captain or the vice-captain," noted Capello.

"Against the Czechs, Beckham ran as much as the other players, maybe a little bit more. Sometimes Beckham is very dangerous but against the Czech Republic he did not do anything amazing."

"I will look at all the travel. I check everything. The last match was a friendly game, the next one is qualification for the World Cup so I will look at his schedule. He has travelled a lot. It is interesting."

It sounds like he is already made up his mind, and my guess is he will drop David.

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brit said...

he better bloody well not, there is no doubt he is one of our best players and very valuable, i think it would be a sad and foolish mitake not to add him to the line up, ps. loving the new picture heading FC.

sunshine said...

by the way, i forgot to say...
uhm, nice banner, love it!!

anyways, what should we/i call you, FC or DVB ? hehehe kinda complicated.

Keep it up girL!