Saturday, 30 August 2008

David and Victoria Beckham - The Making of Signature Fragrance Ad

Here is a cute video of the behind the scenes look at Victoria and David Beckham fragrance ad.

And here is the actual ad again.

I don't know which I prefer.


Yoshi said...

Wow...I prefer both. THough the first one is much more great for a commercial ad. it shows their personal side and their professional side. That wud be great to attract customers to buy their product. I luv it!
Second one is so mysterious. yet i go with the first one as my choice :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, making baby #4 in that 1st video. And that one would be the one I prefer, though both are hot.

Posh 2.0

Rock*Star said...

The second one got more David than Victoria.. He looks realy cute and yummy..

I LOVE the first shot of Victoria's back with the tattoo ..Its a realy realy attractive shot . It makes a good commercial ..

ryan said...

The first one has a little bit of laughter in it too. I like both. They're both so hot!!!! My computer is going to catch on fire.

Mai said...

I like the second one. the split screen was pretty coool.