Saturday, 23 August 2008

In Victoria Beckham's Closet - Graeme Black

When Victoria Beckham arrived at the England game in Wembley stadium last week, on a rainy evening in London, she arrived looking stunning, like she packed expecting the sunnier climate of LA.

Victoria should know that summers in London no longer exist, but that did not stop her wearing a peach blouse and white high-waisted skirt from Graeme Black's Spring 2008 collection.

She has worn this designer before back in July, whilst in London.

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Mitra said...


TraiT said...

Wow thanks! I do think Graeme Black matches her style don't you think?

Oh, and let me say this, I'm impressed by how efficient you are at picking out who-wears-what. I'm trying to do that but, ITS HARD!

Sarah said...

I totally agree with you trait, Graeme Black seems to make outfits that are just so well suited to Victoria and her style.