Monday, 25 August 2008

David Beckham Attends Gordon Browns Olympic Handover Party


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Last night Prime Minister Gordon Brown celebrated the handover of the Olympic flag at an Olympics party at the London House in Beijing.

In attendance were Sebastian Coe, 2012 Olympic chairman David Beckham, and Tessa Jowell, Olympic Minister of Britain.

Speaking after the closing ceremony, David Beckham said he was proud to be involved and looking forward to the 2012 Games.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is determined to work with the football associations from the home nations in a bid to get Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on board for a team Great Britian.

David Beckham fears he will be too old to play for a Great Britain football team at the 2012 Olympics.

The England ace yesterday backed Gordon Brown's hopes of a GB side to seek a medal in London.

But he said: "I'll be 37 so I'm not sure I'll still be playing. But you never know, I'm just going to be happy to be involved. I will definitely be there but whether it's playing or not I'm not so sure."

"I was so honoured to be asked and I'm so excited to be alongside such talented people."

Of the 2012 Games David said: "I'm an East End boy and proud that it's happening in London".

"It will generate so much interest in sport. We have seen what the Chinese have done - I'm sure we will better that."

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1 comment:

brit said...

its nice hes surporting his country so much, but im not sure if im that excited seeing as were being charged so bloody much for it and above what they said, it is good that we get to hold the olypics but the tax payers arn't exactly going to benefit from it....