Friday, 15 August 2008

David Beckham To Attend The Olympics Closing Ceremony

David Beckham will star in the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on 24 August.

David is going to be in the surprise finale. They always have a segment to do the handover, to showcase the next city to host the Olympics.

When the Games end at Beijing's National Stadium, the distinction of hosting the Summer Olympics transfers to London in 2012. David will be there to help mark the transition.

"He was very involved in the London bid to get it, and as a Londoner he is incredibly proud that the Olympics will be in London," the source added. "He is passionate about it and looking forward to the games in 2012."

But Beckham's already sports-packed schedule won't leave much time for a leisurely stay in China.

"If his [calendar] works out, he will be able to go from the L.A. Galaxy game to Beijing," says the source. "It also depends on if he gets picked for the next England game, as he can go on from there."


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lorysamgabry said...

Congratulation to David .It is a great honour for him.