Monday, 25 August 2008

David And Victoria Beckham In A Car Crash In France

I hope this is not true, but there have been several report of a car accident involving the Beckhams.

David Beckham and Victoria narrowly escaped injury after the car that David was driving smashed into a wall in France.

The accident occurred last week (Aug 18) near the couple’s French home in the village of Bargemon, close to the French Riviera, according to reports.

The couple had travelled to France to spend a few days at their retreat there, before the soccer star was due to fly to China to take part in the Olympics closing ceremony today (Aug. 24). David was driving to the airport in nearby Nice when the car accident occurred. In that region of France many roads are narrow and winding.

David reportedly sideswiped a stone wall, smashing the windshield and causing extensive damage on the passenger side of their black BMW sedan. Victoria was reportedly severely shaken in the accident, but the couple was said to be unhurt.

David was photographed embracing a tearful Victoria in the car and comforting her, before he raced to the airport with her father Tony Adams, where he caught his scheduled flight, leaving his distraught wife at the scene to handle the accident with authorities. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the accident, according to reports.

Like I said, I hope it is not true, as it sounds very terrifying.

UPDATE: Unfortunately it is true. I will not post the picture, but you can view it on this link.

UPDATE 2: I wish that this was not true as much as you all do, but in this bigger picture you can clearly see the damage to the car and the back of David's head with her trademark headband.

Thanks Victoriafan for the new picture.

UPDATE 3: Another story is that it was the bodyguard who scratched the car, and the picture is of David and Victoria saying goodbye to each other before he left for Beijing.

But we all know that David always drives himself, and Victoria and David are both in the front of the car, so not sure about this story.

I think we all have to make up our own minds on what to believe.



Anonymous said...

It is true unfortunately. One pic has surfaced for now, you can find it on Denden.


Elise said...

It's not true

I love your blog, it's very complete

DVB said...

Thanks Electra. It sent shivers down my spine and thoughts of Diana sprung to mind. Thankfully they were both OK.

Sorry Elise, I hate to say it but it is true.

Jessica said...


melissa said...

the timing of it dosn't seem right though, because wasn't david training with england on the 18th before the game on the 20th?

Anonymous said...

that is so scary! yea THANK GOD!

jose said...

it proves how a understand wife victoria is. even when she is shaken, she handled the accident, so that david can leave with her father.
she just knows that david being at the olympic is important to londoners, or all english, even the chinese.
i wonder y ppl hate her so much ... and theres no such positive comment has even been made to her.

brit said...

thank god at least they are alright, poor them.

T.O. CityGirl said...

ET Online and the Insider in the states have a "statement" supposedly from the couple's rep saying that it is NOT true... Its hard to tell from the picture...

Nikki said...

I just heard on the radio (here in ontario)
that victoria was the one driving?any truth?
also that david rushed off to catch his plan and her father had to comfort her
which i could never belive that was true because that would be so out of chracter of david, and if they were in france how would her father be by her side so quickly.
I hate how the tabloids make david and victorias relationship out to be something its not. Like how he had a "wondering eye' at the olympics. It just makes me ill.

VictoriaFan said... <--- there's a picture of it.

Meg said...

It's not true, the car was damaged a few days earlier, they were just saying goodbye at the airport. All the online news sites have taken the story down, even the daily mail.

Quote from their reps
"David and Victoria Beckham were driving a car that had been scratched the day before when it had been left parked at the airport - they were not involved in any accident at all. There was no police, no crash, no paparazzi chase, etc. - just very incorrect reports via Internet gossip sites," she said.

Sara said...

The story isn't true, the car wasn't damaged on the day they were pictured in it, it was before. The agency just made up the story to sell the pic, funny that all they have is 1 picture and none of where the supposed accident took place if they saw it.
If there was an accident, the police would have been involved. And if it was true you know the rags would have been running all over it.

Sarah said...

I'm just glad that both of them are OK, regardless of what happened or who was driving.