Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Gullit Quits LA Galaxy As Is Lalas fired

Coach Ruud Gullit resigned on Monday and president-general manager Alexi Lalas was fired. Gossip and rumors are abundant as to the "real" causes of these events, from resurfacing of whispers we've been hearing for a while to some doubtful theories.

The facts are that Gullit announced his resignation, on Tuesday at the Home Depot Center in a press conference, quoting family issues as the cause.

Also, the L.A. Galaxy chose to fire Lalas instead of letting his contract expire at the end of the season but with a cause that is still not officially known.

Gullit quotes:

"In truth, it has proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated for my family to settle in the area and the club has been very supportive and understanding of my decision,"

"I would like to thank the players and the fans for their fantastic support and I wish the LA Galaxy much success in the future,"

"I would now like to spend some time with my family before considering any other position in football."

Gullit is now replaced by first-year assistant coach Cobi Jones while Lalas is replaced by assistant general manager Tom Payne. However permanent these positions are, we don't know yet.

Sounds like he could not handle the job.


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