Wednesday, 27 August 2008

David Beckham Blogs

Hi everyone,

I was really honoured to be part of the handover ceremony on Sunday in Beijing. I’m a keen supporter of the Olympics coming to London; it will have an incredible impact on the East End of London and the British will embrace the event and show how much passion they have for sport. As I’ve said many times, we deserve a global event on this scale in our country.

The Beijing Olympics were about the great sporting moments and the Great Britain team exceeded all expectations. To finish fourth in the medal table and take home so many medals was amazing and they can all be very proud of themselves. This sort of success always encourages kids to take up sport and do well and many are already getting ready for 2012 and want to be involved in it. I was also lucky to see the US play Spain in the basketball final, I’m pleased for my friend Kobe who wanted so much to win gold for his country. I was impressed with Spain, they never gave up, but the US probably deserved to win over the length of the tournament.

I know a lot has been written about the England game last week but we as a team are focused on the upcoming World Cup qualifying games and performing well, we are confident we can get the right results against Andorra and Croatia. Due to the England game, I missed Bruce Arena’s first match in charge of the Galaxy and unfortunately we lost 1-0. We are determined to get it right and we are working hard to turn things around. We are looking forward to our next game against the New England Revolution on Saturday.

On another note, I know many of you would have been concerned to read about a supposed car crash involving me and Victoria. I want to assure everyone there never was any crash at any time; our car had been dented many days before whilst vacant in a car park.

That’s all for now and thanks, as always, for your support.

Take care,




ryan said...

I'm glad he cleared the car crash story up. I'm glad they're both ok.

Sophia Li said...

It was so honored for our Chinese people that you showed up in the Olympic ceremony. I believe that the London Olympics will be great and fantastic!

Love you guys all the time!

Janie said...

Ah Bless him for bothering to say about the rumours of an accident. I couldn't believe it had happened at all because, if David was really driving he wouldn't drive into a wall!!! Our boy's a fabulous driver. How thoughtfull of him to put all our minds at rest. Me love him!( and V)