Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Victoria Beckham ♥'s This Ensemble So Much She Wore It Twice

Victoria Beckham proves once again she isn't afraid to wear an outfit twice, by stepping out in exactly the same skirt and top within the space of two months.

Victoria first wore this Prada ensemble with Alexander McQueen shoes, and a Hermes clutch back in June.

She wore it again on Sunday night whilst out for dinner leaving dinner at Gordon Ramsey's new Hollywood restaurant in the same skirt, blouse, shoes and clutch bag for dinner last night.

I love that she is not scared to wear the same thing twice. Anna Wintour does the same also.

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Sarah said...

I really love this outfit its just looks so perfect on her. She just knows how to get the best out of her figure and I think it would be difficult to find many woman if any that on a daily basis can outshine her.

Mai said...

i love it too!!

snowwhite said...

So what??? I have worn one combination several we are the same...people:)))

Tamara said...

if i paid that much money for an outfit i would also wear it,not once but 100 times!