Friday, 29 August 2008

Victoria Beckham Has A Night Out In Manchester

Victoria Beckham wearing a beautiful black satin Giambattista Valli jumpsuit looked stunning when she arrived at dinner with friends at the trendy Ithaca restaurant in Manchester.

As you know Victoria is in town for the Harvey Nichols launch of her new perfume, Signature For Her later on today.

LOVE the jumpsuit and the sleek back hair. Can't wait to see what she wears later today.

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sydneydoll said...

ive always wanted to go to manchester

Rock*Star said...

The jumpsuit works great on her ..

This hair style never disappoints,I love it on her , it makes her look so classy ..

Her face looks fresh and healthy ..

Perfection ..

Matt said...

She looks amazing as usual. Off topic but I started reading your other website FC and Oh my God, your fashion sense is freaking amazing. You are truly the best, I have never been this impressed. I have been going through all of your archives just to see what you have to say and WOW, I don't think I have disagreed with you at all. You are the Fashion Critic and you certainly know what you are doing. I Tip My Hat to You, You are definitely major. Keep up the good work.

AKO said...


i want to see whot shoes shes wearth :S you know??

DVB said...

Thanks a lot Matt, that is really nice of you to say so.

lima said...

did she not wear this to davids birthday dinner?

snowwhite said...

I love that jumpsuit!!! Brilliant!!!