Monday, 18 August 2008

David Beckham Backs Campaign To End UK Knife Crime Crisis

David Beckham backed a campaign to end the country's knife crime crisis today remembering his friend who was stabbed in the back.

Members of the national squad met Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and senior police officers at the team hotel ahead of their clash with the Czech Republic.

Beckham talked about the brother of one of his best friends who was on the brink of signing a contract with Leyton Orient when he tried to intervene in a street fight.

Beckham was 13 when his friend was stabbed in the back and left paralysed.

He said: "No one wants to see the devastation I saw my friend and the family go through".

"As a person of course you do not expect to take your kids to school in the morning and never see them again".

"It is something that is very important and something that as footballers and people and as a team we can get involved in".

"These are the positive things about being in our position. We can help people, we have got a voice and we have got a voice that kids listen to and it is so important that we get involved in this and we believe that things can change."

Beckham said his sons 'would not even think about' carrying a knife or weapon and felt equally safe living in Los Angeles or in Britain.

He added: "There are certain situations that happen all over the world. Obviously not just with knives, but guns and different things that go on."

You can view the press conference on the BBC website here.

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brit said...

i lv him to bits, he is the most generous man. im so sick of hearing someones been knifed to death every day, where did this come from, its only started in the past 2-5 years?!?! im 19 and i dont get the point of any of this, its like people are trying to make some ghetto thugish culture in London, im not going to say americanised coz thats so out of order but it does seem that some really naive people glamourize it....and tbh theres no need in the uk because we didn't have any neighbourhood that was so bad you had to carry a knife around acouple of years ago, bloody hell stop trying to make it like the ghetto, its england theres no way you can big up to a ghetto, its the place of the queen and drinking tea...not exactly thughish