Saturday, 19 July 2008

Will This Trend Catch On?

David Beckham is regarded as one of the best dressed men in the world, and while Victoria continues to opt for more chic fitted look, David keeps to a more relaxed style of low-slung jeans and a simple shirt.

Stepping out for dinner with Mrs Beckham earlier in the week David continued with his current ensemble of choice. Jeans? Check. White vest? Check. Open-neck, messily tucked in shirt? Check.

However, on closer inspection it appears more attention is given to his outfit than you’d give him credit, you might even call it an a trademark style. His shirt may look like it’s been hastily tucked in but if we look back at previous pictures of the David, this appears to be a recurring theme.

David always lets the right side of his shirt hang out over the jeans.

Is he starting a trend, or is he always in a hurry and forget to tuck the right-side in?



Mai said...

i think that's how he roll.
its kinds cute actually.

ryan said...

Yeah I've noticed it too. I do it now too.

leele said...

oh my god!!!he is so incredibly sexy!!!This shirts are casual and at the same time look so stylish.this is how all guys should be dressed.

Jean Rock said...

that "trend" has been around for a couple of years started on
runway fashion show the details on the suits David though...

snowwhite said...