Sunday, 20 July 2008

David Beckham's Long-Term Plan Is Still To Raise The Profile Of Soccer In The US

On Friday, prior to the New York Bulls game, David Beckham held a press conference and spoke about soccer in the US a year after him playing in the MLS.

"This season, I've been able to play in every game, take part in 99 percent of the training sessions. "I've enjoyed it. Soccer is definitely changing in this country. It's getting bigger and it's growing. But it takes time. I've said that at the start."

"As long as the fans are here and as long as they're watching the game, whether it's because of celebrity or whether it's because they want to watch the Galaxy play or whether it's just because they want to watch a soccer game, it's so important that people turn out and enjoy the game most of all," Beckham said. "We had a great crowd last year and hopefully we'll have a good crowd this year. But we need to win the game and that's the biggest thing for us. Hopefully they'll come and enjoy themselves and see a Galaxy win."

And Beckham said he's committed to helping MLS grow in the coming years, as well.

"It's a long-term plan to raise the profile of this game in this country. "I think it's going well so far."

That has happened already -- and not only off the field. The level of competition in the league, he said, is a bit underrated.

"I've always said the level is a lot higher here than people actually think it is. Being here you see some of the talented players that are in this league and some of the talented teams. Every game is a tough game and of course we do want to get to the level of other leagues in the world. It will take time, but we're not that far away."

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