Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"Victoria Beckham Is Sweet" Says Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was the guest editor of the Daily Mirror's showbiz section yesterday and used the opportunity to speak her mind about about many things including her BFF Victoria Beckham.

The supermodel said: "When I was going through my hard time recently she was immediately on the phone asking me how I was doing and saying, 'I hope you're well'. She was sweet. We share girl stuff and she is so funny - people just don't know her or get her."

Naomi is not the best role model, but it is so sweet that Victoria took time to check in on her.


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krisha said...

why is naomi always sucking up to victoria beckham now? As soon as victoria reaches the height of fame, fashion and popularity naomi seems to be clinging on to be her BFF, even though they had a fight a few years back.

I think she is using victoria for her PR reasons, because victoria is demure, ladylike and polite and Naomi is an absolute spoilt, daddy-issued pyscho who has no respect for any human being apart from herself.