Thursday, 17 July 2008

Justin Timberlake Kisses David Beckham's Feet At The ESPY Awards

During the ESPY Awards, which Justin Timberlake hosted, he impersonated and teased many of the guests.

After teasing David Beckham by thanking him for improving the popularity of soccer in America, by "this much" as he held his thumb and finger a tiny width apart, singer went down into the audience and kissed David’s foot, much to the amusement of Victoria.

Looking at the camera from his position at the feet of Mr and Mrs Beckham, Justin said:
"That’s what $250 million dollars tastes like."

I CAN'T wait until someone uploads this to You Tube.

Victoria looks so cute as she cracks up laughing.

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brit said...

omg lolol, bet david was mortified lol

ryan said...

I like how they're holding hands at that moment :D

Anonymous said...

I guess Justin Timberlake ends up saying it's what 250 million dollars smells like.
They showed the clip while he was doing an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Its played at exact beginning of part 2 here...

I love how JT says hi to both of them. And oh gosh, Victoria looks just adorable laughing. I love it!

Janard "FASHIONS-FLYEST" Williams said...

DVB said...

thanks I have posted this already