Monday, 28 July 2008

Galaxy Lose 4-0 To FC Dallas

A sellout crowd of 21,020 turned out to see David Beckham, but Kenny Cooper stole the show in the MLS game on Sunday.

The FC Dallas star scored twice in two minutes in a 4-0 victory over LA Galaxy.


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Anonymous said...

i was at the game and from where i was sitting (on the field as usual) you could see david was extremely aggrivated. especially during the first half he was constantly wide open and they wouldnt get the ball to him. it got to the point where he was waving his hands in the air/shaking his head in disgust/yelling. it was very frustrating to watch the way they played because it really was awful and they gave up so quick.

also you could tell he wasnt in nearly as good of a mood as last time as he signed an extremely limited amount of autographs.