Monday, 21 July 2008

David Beckham Talks To Fox

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is a nice 3 part interview in which David Beckham talks about life, his career, his family and his charity to help get kids in shape.


peach said...

It is amazing how warm and down to earth he is, even after all the money and fame. Great interview, thanks for posting it.

Mai said...

hey fashioncritic i have a question for you. how do you find the time to do all of this including your blog. i'm a fan of both of them and i like check them three times a day. i have in save in my fav so i don't have to type in down. it amazes me how you keep everything updated. congrats.

and i liked the interview. it was great but i don't heard the high pitch (squeakyness) in david's voice.

DVB said...

Hi Mai, thanks for your comments you are so sweet.

Well basically find the time somehow during my day. Some times I schedule things to post if I am really busy on my fashion blog. Some of the things in my schedule I have written maybe a few days before.

Sunday is when I do all my research,but some things come up during the week and I add those and reschedule the rest.

Loredana,Samuele,Gabriele said...

I agree with Mai.Thanks DVB for the your great blog.Hi fans David's, I
reminder the Golden Foot award
(stop the 9 August 2008,sorry my bad english)-Thanks.Ciao

Mai said...

omg. thanks for answering. this just shows how dedicated you are!!
it looks like a lot of work. (and i thought high is a lot of work! (i'm in the 11th grade in high school))

thanks again!!

Mai said...

oh btw sry i called you fashion critic. i forgot you're DVB on this blog. :D

DVB said...

No worries :)

You are also welcome Loredana,Samuele,Gabriele

Fathiah said...

isn't the interviewer kinda rude when he said he's not interested in victoria?
and the woman next to him said "she's the mother of his children!"

it's just my opinion btw..

oh and dvb, i LOVE your blog..