Saturday, 26 July 2008

Victoria Beckham On The Cover Of Hello Canada

BIG massive huge thanks to Pierre, who scanned Hello Canada for us all to read Victoria's interview with the publication on her first year in the US.

I know how hard it is to scan in this many pages, so much respect to Pierre for doing this on my behalf.

Yes, pictures are tagged, because unlike me, others don't like to give credit and will upload the pictures to other sites as their own.

A few of you have expressed disappointment at not being able to comment, so commenting for all is now restored.

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Janie said...

Thanks for restoring comments for all. Hopefully the haters are off to another site to spread their unpleasentness. Thanks for the scans!

Posh Girl said...

I love your blog!
I visit your blog at least 10 times a day!
Thanks for the scans!
There are new photos of David and Victoria coming out from a hotel in L.A. Vic is wearing a red dress.
Why don't you post them?

I love the Beckhams and I'm one of the biggest fans!

Great job!

Greetings from Macedonia!

Chimola<3 said...

thank you for enabling the comments again!!

love this blog<333

DVB said...

thanks, hopefully the crazy's have gone

Girl Overboard said...

i just bought this mag today<3