Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Teresa's De Ju Vu On Victoria Beckham's Allure Shoot

Teresa's eagle eye pointed out that one of the pictures of Victoria Beckham on her Allure photoshoot, bears a strong resemblance to Balthus' 'Golden Days' painting.

I guess the photographer used this pictures for inspiration.

Teresa wanted to give you credit for this observation, because others will not when they take it off this site and put it on other Beckham sites.

Credit Allure and Source


Teresa said...

Thanks a lot for the credit, it's been so kind of you :) The photographer must have had Balthus' painting in mind before shooting Victoria's photo, as the resemblance is so striking! Can't wait to see the rest of the photoshoot, maybe it's all related to art!

Isla said...

hey :) i found 2 pics of Vic during the promotion of "Signature for Her" at the Ritz-Carlton. i haven't seen them here so if you're interested my skype is hard_rock_girl :)