Monday, 21 July 2008

Victoria Beckham's Goes Au Naturel

Yesterday I told you that Victoria Beckham was hanging out by a pool at a LA hotel over the weekend in shorts, while relaxing with her mother Jackie and son Romeo, well here are the pictures.

Victoria took herself off glamour duty during a family day reclining poolside without her heels or make-up and she still looks gorgeous.

This just goes to show that Victoria is very much relaxed in LA, as I can never imagine her doing au naturel in the UK

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brit said...

she looks so sweet and pretty! i lv her hair

Rock*Star said...

I like everything but her hair , it makes her face looks big !

The shorts are cute ..

her body looks so normal , it doesn't look too bony ..

She looks good .. not too different from how she usualy looks ..

Anonymous said...

i am so So SO glad to see her going more casual lately. it reminds me of when she was younger, and i feel, the most beautiful. flip flops and a smile is all she needs!

snowwhite said...

So natural...and so her bag and hair (like a teenager)