Wednesday, 30 July 2008

David Beckham Will Appear On Sesame Street In August

Sesame Street is kicking off its 39th season on August 11th. This time around they have a new celebrity guests including David Beckham - how cute is that picture?

Other celebs stopping by Sesame Street will include: Jack Black, Heidi Klum, Jenny McCarthy, LL Cool J, Chandra Wilson, Jessica Alba, and Sandra Oh

Setting your tivo's to record on August 22nd when David's episode is scheduled to air.



Anonymous said...

I love him so much, but I'm not happy how he looks on the pic. He looks so old for his 33.


Trisha said...

wow this is an unfortunate picture of him-- it is just the beard making him look like he is double chin-ed?

Mai said...

Way cute!

Packer Kazoku said...

oh my gosh i am the biggest fan of david he is my hero and has been for a long time. i so wish i could go to more game. i went to his game against the salt lake real. i loved it so much but his beard does make him look double chinned in this picture. but oh well i still love him.