Thursday, 10 July 2008

David Beckham Blogs

Hi all

Hope you are all well?

We have been working hard in training this week particularly following the last few games. We really need to concentrate more as a team when we play – otherwise it leads to losing games like we did last Friday.

This week should be a good one though, we are playing Chivas USA in the SuperClasico, which is always a fiery game, being that it’s the local derby! I’m sure they’ll be ready for action too after our 5-2 victory over them last time – they will be wanting revenge but we will be ready for them. The Home Depot Center will definitely be buzzing that evening!

Take care


The pictures above are the pictures that the Sun newspaper was referring to yesteday when they said "The LA Galaxy ace was snapped checking out two busty brunettes on the “sidewalk” as he cruised by in his gigantic motor."

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Poshified said...

No comment on the pics.
What do you think, F-C?

brit said...

god look but don't be too obvious, not good.

batool said...

lol!u go boy!!!!OMG hez looking back at them even wen his car went past them!!!!!LOL

DVB said...

poshified....LOL, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

He is a man after all and this is what they do.

Juliana said...

I get so angry when I see pics like this!
I mean, I know he's a man and all that but can't he just see that he already has the world's most amazing woman?
and he is a public man, and he knows he is photographed all the time so I think it's really desrespectful to victoria, cause she already had enough of that tabloids talk about david cheating on her. don't you agree?

DVB said...

I agree, but he is also a man.

I have kicked by boyfriend for doing the same thing in front of me.

batool said...

i guess u cant blame him!i think he likes busty and bootylicious girls and victoria hasnt got that!but i know she try's soooo hard to keep him...........u know the fake breasts.........but pls dont blame him for it!!