Saturday, 6 October 2007

Roberto Cavalli Really, Really Wants To Dress The Spice Girls

Back in July I confirmed that Versace denied that they were dressing the Spice Girls for their reunion tour. I conducted a poll to find out who you would like to dress the girls, the results were 36% wanted Dolce & Gabbana, 35% wanted Roberto Cavalli and 10% wanted John Galliano.

Well according to The Sun Roberto Cavalli will be dressing the girls.

Cavalli will be designing £2m worth of slinky gowns. The designer is known for his love of animal print, so Mel B will be happy.

The girls plan to ditch their energetic dance routines - as Mel C has a knee injury - so they will wear the catwalk designs to Spice Up their shows.

A source said: "The gowns will be stunning. They want to create a fabulous show and will certainly look the part in Roberto’s creations".

"I would expect rhinestones to be dripping off the dresses so they will look spectacular with the lights sparkling off them".

"Cavalli is a fabulous designer — he will make each girl look sensational in their own way."



electra said...

Oh, The Sun with their made-up stories!

Mel C had a knee injury back in 2003, that's 4 years ago. Since then she toured over 100 dates and we all know her shows are WILD and ENERGETIC.

Sure, there's be gowns for slower songs, but there'll be outfits that match their fast songs too.

I think Cavalli is the right designer for them.

Geri said the show is gonna have a story and Mel C said it's gonna be "very fun, crazy".

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