Wednesday, 24 October 2007

David Beckham The Most Masculine Man Alive has named David Beckham the Most Masculine Man Alive.

More than one million people took part in the vote to find the Top 49 Men today.

Actor Matt Damon came second and rapper/producer came third Timbaland, followed by tennis star Roger Federer and Justin Timberlake.

I have to say that I agree with this poll, but I am very surprised that men would vote for David considering he has worn nail polish, a sarong and Victoria's thongs.




Kat said...

hes sooo fit and good looking i wish i was victoria.
Hes sooooooo good looking i wish he was mine, no wonder he got voted for the most masculine guy, its cos hes too good looking.
i love him =D

brit said...

he seems really placid and lovely, but on the feild hes really masculine and that makes him sexy as hell and the perfect man. i agree with the poll too. i thought a rugby player would be first, is this a American poll?