Tuesday, 23 October 2007

'Headlines' By The Spice Girls

Here is the new single by the Spice Girls, which I found on You Tube.


Janie said...

Hmmmm, not loving it I'm afraid. A bit wishy washy for mee. I was hoping for something with a bit more punch.

Anonymous said...

Well, the song was just ok for me....a little bit blah but then i've never really been a Spice Girl person neither do i know any of their songs apart from Holla so i can't really compare....exactly what part did Victoria sing, because everything sounded so alike except for the bit towards the end

•...::: Ljn :::...• said...


I dont know why but I thought that the first single would be a dance song... a bit dissapointed =(


electra said...

@ ljn: it was known for a few months now that it's going to be a ballade.

My opinion on the song: it sounds weird, i guess because it's a very bad radio edit, hopefully a longer version is included on the album.

It's nothing similiar to their previous masterpiece ballads, in my opinion this is their worst single to date.

Major-Giggles said...

I heard the single, nothing really special, quite boring really.

The new Girls Aloud single is tonnes better and I don't even like GA!

If this new single is the best they could come up with..the future is bleak.

buddy said...

i like it