Friday, 26 October 2007

Spice GirlsTesco Christmas Ad

The Spice Girls will make £1million each as the new faces of supermarket chain Tesco's.

In the ad they are seen giggle at home, by a table full with champagne and canapes.

The girls are filming two Christmas adverts for the supermarket, which are intended to give "a glimpse into what Christmas with the Spice Girls might be like".

Personally I think they should have gone more upmarket and done ads for M&S which are always well shot and well regarded. Tesco's is more of a cheap brand.

Victoria has been quoted as saying, "You can get most things out there (in LA) but what I will miss is M&S. I missed it when I first moved to Madrid and it is the first shop I go to when I'm back."

She will have to change her allegiance until after Christmas.


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Janie said...

apparently they always did a weekly food shop at their local Tescos when they lived here. However they do miss basics/underwear sllippers etc from good ol Marks according to videos books etc they've done. Perhaps M&S are too skint these days to buy into Brand Beckham/
Spice Girls ?